A story of freshness

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Love travelling & Travel advisor by profession. When Covid hit in March 2020, the lockdown put an abrupt halt on a career I was very passionate about. After lots of cooking, wine and binge-watching, I decided to do something that I never had the confidence to do before. I decided to turn one of my much-loved hobbies into a business...and here we are! 

We hope you enjoy our candles and our products as much as we enjoyed making them.

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Choosing the right candle is important because candles have the potential to sneak unhealthy things into the air you breathe and into your home. Whatever you burn in your home should be chosen with consideration, and it’s important to know the difference especially if you are pregnant, have children, or have pets.


Our soy & coconut wax candles are a healthier option for you and your family in your home. Made with 100% natural essential oils. Free from Phthalates, Paraffin, palm, beeswax, dyes, and synthetic additives. 


Our Glow & Grow slogan - With every candle you glow, we help you grow a plant. The labels we use for our candles are made with biodegradable wildflower seed-infused paper, which can be planted in the candle pot or pot of your choice when the candle finishes.


🌱 Environmentally Friendly
🌱 Vegan & Plant-based
🌱 Cruelty-free
🌱 Sustainable
🌱 Biodegradable 
🌱 Made in UK
🌱 Handmade with love 💛